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Idaho mule deer hunting

2015 Idaho Mule Deer Hunt Featured In HORNS AND HOOKS Magazine By Our Resident Author Larry Hatter This will be the the first of seven installments enjoy…………………….   Autumn Affair     Dusk had struck an eerie quietness upon the craggy landscape which sprawled out before me.  The steep, winding canyon, once alive with the gentle

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Idaho Black Bear Guide / Outfitter

Our 20th season as an Idaho black bear guide / outfitter here is starting off early.  It’s pushing 70 degrees and the bears are our out in force.  Usually it takes a few weeks for them to start hitting baits, but they are already hearing the supper bell this year. Got a picture of this

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United States Mountain Lion Hunting Guide

If you live outside the US and are looking for a good United States mountain lion hunting guide we can really help you out.  There’s no doubt our cougar hunting is top notch, but we also have a lot of experience helping clients get their game back to their home country.   I’m not only

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