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Idaho mule deer guide story continued……

Continuing on with the story by Idaho mule deer guide Larry Hatter, published in 2015 issue of Horns and Hooks magazine……. Once I’d acquired my position overlooking the canyon it didn’t take me long to find my first subjects.  Down a steep grassy slope, some three hundred yards distant, a group of six does filed

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Huge Color Phase Black Bear Hunt

Check out this huge color phase black bear we just bagged last evening on a hunt here in Idaho! He is truly a once in a lifetime type of bear. He squares 7 feet 6 inches with a skull approaching the Boone and Crockett Record Book. This fellow is one happy hunter! This year in

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Idaho mule deer outfitter story continued….

Idaho mule deer outfitter and guide story featured in 2015 edition of Horns and Hooks Magazine…. Eventually the fire’s light began to wane so I quickly downed a dry supper and curled up in my sleeping bag for the evening.  Like most nights in hunting camp, I busied myself contemplating strategy for the morning hunt.  The rut,

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