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Archery hunting trophy mule deer in Idaho



Hunting trophy mule deer with archery equipment is as much a test of patience and persistence as it is an art form.

In this particular region of Idaho, most big bucks can be found making it to and from bedding and feeding areas in early September.  The most preferred feeding areas being alfalfa fields or wheat fields etc on a private ranch…

The key isn’t as much finding big mule deer bucks this time of year, but being patient and waiting for the perfect opportunity to put your bow to work.  Even old moss backed bucks tend to stick to a pattern this time of year, but you don’t want to make an ill advised stalk and disrupt his pattern.  Most likely you will have one shot at making a stalk work so choose wisely.

Ground blinds can also be used to archery hunt mule deer in Idaho.  This requires many weeks of scouting and patterning deer and then placing your blind along a trail or section of fence where a trophy buck frequently  walks.  Keep in mind it takes weeks for deer to become familiar with ground blinds so you’ll have to set up well before hunting season starts.

A good outfitter or guide is invaluable in situations like this.  It’s their job to watch and pattern the big bucks many months in advance so when you arrive at the ranch all the guess work is done for you.


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