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Archery mule deer hunting tree stands and ground blinds



Out scouting the new private ranch yesterday for potential archery mule deer hunt stands here in Idaho and found this little shed.  Takes little ones to make big ones right!

Archery mule deer hunting is a little trickier than rifle mule deer hunting when it comes to picking stands.  In rifle season you find the does and you find a good muley buck.  It’s that simple.   In archery season, however, you have to pin point daily movements between feed, water and security of a big buck.  Not always easy.  Trail cams and no shortage of good old fashioned time in the field is what it’s going to take.

An archery mule deer stand in Idaho comes down to two types of spots more often than not.  A fence crossing a monster buck is using to get to his alfalfa or wheat field in the evening or a specific trail a big buck likes to use to get back to his water and shelter source.  Typically ground blinds work best on the edge of the field and tree stands work best for the latter.  You never know for sure though so be as versatile as possible.

Of course spot and stalk is entirely possible with mule deer, but complete patience and will power will be your greatest asset.  That, however, is a topic for another post!


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