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Idaho Mule Deer Outfitter Story Continued…..



Idaho Mule Deer Outfitter

That evening was more of the same.  A lot of small bucks and does lounging around on their fat rumps and flicking their ears inattentively.  Apparently they had no inclination that the seasons were changing.  Soon utter chaos would break loose on this mountain with the impending rut and then winter shortly thereafter.  A summer of lethargy and calorie accumulation would all be but a distant memory.  The harsh months for the mule deer were coming.  Most of this year’s fawns would not see the next spring, as wouldn’t the older members of the herd.  It was good to see them enjoying one of their last carefree moments.

Well before the crack of dawn I found myself awakened that next morning and instantly knew something had changed.  I clicked my flashlight on and saw the steam rising from my breath; the temperature was dropping drastically!  After dawning my attire, I found some dry kindling and brought the fire to life.  This was just what I was waiting so anxiously for.  After so many years of traipsing these woods I knew exactly what I would see today before the day even revealed it.


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