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Idaho mule deer outfitter story continued….



Idaho mule deer outfitter and guide story featured in 2015 edition of Horns and Hooks Magazine….

Eventually the fire’s light began to wane so I quickly downed a dry supper and curled up in my sleeping bag for the evening.  Like most nights in hunting camp, I busied myself contemplating strategy for the morning hunt.  The rut, by no means, was in full swing, as was evident by the number of does I had seen without a buck vying for their attention over the last week.  I wasn’t disheartened though, the sun was setting sooner every evening and I knew it was merely days, if not hours, from heating up.
The next morning a fitful slumber outlasted my natural alarm clock.  Beams of light had already found their way through my wrinkled tent flap when I finally awoke.  I dressed as quickly as possible, gathered gear and trusty rifle and headed down the ridge.  At this point I must elaborate on my choice of weaponry.  For this hunt I had chosen my Remington #1 Sporting Rifle chambered in the venerable 45-70 caliber.  It has sleek lines, is inherently accurate and is as reliable as any rifle a man can carry.  The only thing out of the ordinary is that it’s 140 years old, weighs 12 pounds and has iron sights.  I’ve raised a few eyebrows carrying this old smoke pole through the woods, appearing more like a character in a western than a modern day hunter.  I assure you, however, she can still get the job done and has served me well in many faraway places including Alaska…………


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