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Hi. I'm Larry Hatter. I grew up in Central Idaho and have been involved in the family outfitting business, basically since I could walk.

I may be a little older now, but still enjoy working hand-in-hand with my brother, Miles.

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Grangeville Idaho will always be home,  and I am proud to offer several high success hunts in Idaho for the sportsman looking to experience hunting in the west. 

Each of these hunts will be conducted either from comfortable mountain camps nestled in the lodge pole pines or from our rustic North Star Lodge which sports all the modern amenities,  including wireless internet.  Of course breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided and if you need something just ask.  We’re gonna strive to see that you have the very best hunt possible!

  • Cougar   [ Idaho Mountain Lion Hunts ]  $5900 This is an amazing opportunity to hunt big, record book class cats and an extremely high success rate!
  • Mule Deer [ Idaho Mule Deer Hunts ] $4500   Hunt private ranch trophy class mule deer with archery in September or Rifle in the rut!
  • Bear  [ Idaho Black Bear Hunts ]   $2950  High success rate hunt with excellent chance at a large color phase bear!
  • Whitetail Deer  [ Idaho Whitetail Deer Hunts ] $3500  Hunt the private ranch managed specifically for big Idaho whitetails!
  • Elk   [ Idaho Elk Hunts ]   $4900  September Archery hunt with plenty of bulls and old west, high mountain feel.
  • Wolf    [ Idaho Wolf Hunts ]  $3500  Enjoy perhaps the most hair raising hunting experience the lower 48 has to offer!-
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