Idaho Color Phase Black Bear Hunts

Idaho Color Phase Black Bear Hunts

Idaho Black Bear Hunts

With High Success On Color Phase

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Come hunt with us in Idaho! The color phase black bear capital!

We offer fully guided Idaho black bear hunts.
Our black bear hunts have an extremely high success rate as well as an excellent chance at a color phase bear!

Idaho Black Bear Color Phase
All meals and accommodations included!

Idaho is a premier destination if you are looking for a color phase black bear hunt and that’s a fact that can not be disputed. 

First off, our black bear numbers are through the roof, especially in this region!  Seasons have been lengthened in recent years to increase bear harvest, but we just keep producing more and more bears.  There are several theories as to why the black bear hunting is so good in this area of Idaho, but the only thing everyone knows for certain is that this is just bear central!

Another unique factor that draws a lot of interest to our area is that we produce roughly 75% color phase bears.  What does this mean? 

It means for every four bears three of those are a color phase different than black.  They range from blonde, to cinnamon and chocolate and we’ve even been seeing a few blacks in the recent years that have silvery highlights almost like the fabled glacier bear of Alaska.   Why do we get so many color phase bears?  The answer is simply one of habitat.  Our hunting area is right on the breaks of densely wooded forest and open southern facing canyons.  Bears with lighter coats tend to do better in the wide open river breaks as the black ones are easier to spot.  Through the process of natural selection this adds a heavy saturation of color phase bears into the gene pool and it creates a large variety of different colored bears to hunt.

If you are looking for a good professional outfitter who knows bears and how to treat people well, you owe it to yourself to give us a call. 

I personally have been guiding this area for almost twenty years now and am probably almost as comfortable in these woods as the bears themselves.  Between my brother I, we’re just about as good a bear hunting duo as you can find.  When you’ve spent your whole life in a place, you get a feel for it, how to hunt it, when to hunt it, etc., and we put that lifetime of experience to work getting bears.

During our spring hunting season which we will start May 1st and run through June 30th we will keep no less than sixteen baits running at all time.

We usually keep half our stands set up for bow for hunters wanting to archery black bear hunt and half for rifle hunters.  This is a fully guided hunt, all meals are included as well as your accommodations at one of our two lodges.  This is an excellent hunt for the seasoned black bear hunter looking to add a trophy color phase bear to his wall or for a family or group of friends.  Like I said, we have basically lived our lives in the outfitting world and we know, not just how to hunt, but how to treat people as well.

Our bait hunts are very popular and we also offer fully guided bear hunts with hounds as well.  Some folks have a very deep rooted love for hound hunting and we can accommodate you as well.  Just like the bait hunts, the hounds hunts have an extremely high success rate.  You’ll pretty much get a bear to run every day.

Recommended weaponry for a rifle bear hunt is a 30 caliber rifle or for those interested in an archery bear hunt, a bow set up with at least a fifty-five pound pull and an arrow tip with a one hundred twenty-five grain broad head.

The gear list for our Idaho black bear hunt is pretty basic. 

You’ll have a washer and dryer at your disposal at North Star Lodge, so don’t over pack.  Two changes of hunting clothes with do nicely and one set of boots. Of course you’ll want your weapon choice with plenty of ammo.  Binoculars and camera are essential as well as a knife and a small flashlight. 

Any medications you may take on a daily basis are must to remember. 

The weather for our spring hunt is typically beautiful, but just in case we do get some showers, it would be good if one of your sets of hunting clothes was water proof.

*Please note all hunts are subject to 6% sales tax and 3% government user fee.*

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