Hunt Wolves in Idaho

Hunt Wolves in Idaho

Hunt Canadian Grey Wolves In Idaho


$3950.....all meals and lodging included!

We offer 5 day wolf hunts here in Idaho and the opportunity to take one here is as good as any place you’ll find in North America.

It used to be that you had to travel to Canada or Alaska to wolf hunt,  but now, thanks to an overreaching federal government, hunters have the chance to hunt this apex predator without having to travel a quarter of the way around the world.

Whether we like it or not we have plenty of wolves and you are more than welcome to come help us control the numbers. Each hunter is allowed up to 5 tags, but we recommend getting just two tags. When all the hard work of scouting, tracking, calling and stalking comes together and the wolf pack is within range, most likely you’ll get a shot at more than one animal and if you do then it’s good to have two tags.

Our best wolf hunting takes place from December 1st through the end of March and this is simply because we have snow to keep track of the wolf pack movements.

The great thing about them is that wherever they go they leave a lot of tracks and this enables us to keep good tabs on them. It obviously makes our job tougher when we don’t have snow to follow the sign. As I mentioned the main methods of hunting we employ to wolf hunt in Idaho are calling and spot and stalk or some combination of the two. We’ll put them to work once we have the wolf pack located in a certain area. A straight shooting, small caliber rifle will be worth it’s weight in gold on a wolf hunt. When we’ve worked out tail off and finally the moment of truth is at hand you are going to want to be able to make that wolf killing shot regardless of distance. You need to become proficient with that little rifle out to three hundred yards if you want to increase your odds of getting that wolf on the ground.

All of our wintertime hunts are conducted out of the lodge where you will all the comforts of home at your disposal. We provide all your meals and have washer and dryer available .

Wolf Hunting Gear List

  • Small caliber flat shooting rifle
  • Wintertime hunting apparel
  • Binoculars
  • Knife
  • Camera
  • Pack
  • Personal Meds
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