Idaho Mountain Lion Hunting

Idaho Mountain Lion Hunting

Idaho Mountain Lion Hunts

Mountain Lion Hunts – 5 Days

If a big mountain lion is on your bucket list then you have to come visit us in Idaho!

Close to 100% Success Rate For Over 20 years!

Currently booking for winter of 2022/2023

Our Idaho mountain lion hunts are truly top of their class for several reasons:

First, we’ve been hunting for over 20 years.  Miles and I grew up hunting big game and predators.   No one knows this country in central Idaho, in and out of the Nezperce Clearwater Forests, as well as private ranches, like we do.  No matter what you’re hunting there is nothing that can replace decades of personal experience in a specific area. 

Cougar Hunting with Walker Hounds

The next reason our mountain lion hunts are worthy of your bucket list is because our hunting outfit is that we operate in one of the largest contiguous mountain lion areas in the state and that area just happens to back right up against perhaps the most vast unbroken wilderness  area in the lower 48.  Between here and Montana, which is several hundred miles, there is very little to no human encroachment.  This makes for an enormous swath of country that produces cats that never see a human being.  It’s easy to see why our area produces more and more mountain lions every year.

The third reason for the superior quality of our mountain lion hunts is simply genetics.  This section of the Bitterroot Mountains produces large males and at relatively young ages.  Typically when a male becomes five or six years old, he will already approach record book status.  All you have to do is read the the Boone and Crockett record book and you’ll see page after page filled with entries from North Central Idaho.

When you add these factors up with first rate guides,  as well as top of the line hounds, you can begin to see why, if you’re looking for a good mountain lion outfitter, we are right at the top of the list!

As you know, cougar hunting is a winter time activity.  We utilize  snowy conditions to keep track of the mountain lion hunts in our area.  Our season will begin the 1st of December and conclude March 31st.  We only take 6-8 mountain lion hunters every year, so you can probably guess the availability never lasts long every booking season.

If you have a certain time you’d like to hunt it will be best to reserve a spot a year in advance or even more.

When that time comes, you can cross it off the Bucket List  –  Hunt Monster Mountain Lion in Idaho.

A good option to inquire about is the availability of a bobcat if the seasons coincide.  We have plenty of these spotted cats running around and hounds that can handle them.  A bobcat hunt can be an excellent addition to your cougar hunt.

Mountain Lion Hunt Gear List

  • Waterproof boots with aggressive tread are a must
  • Cold weather hunting suite
  • Warm hat and gloves
  • backpack
  • extra socks
  • two pair each long underwear and hunting shirts
  • flashlight
  • camera
  • personal medications

Weapon Choice

Most hunters choose a rifle as their weapon of choice to hunt big cats, but archery is an excellent option as well.  I would recommend a bow with a 50 pound draw weight and arrow tipped with a 100 grain fixed blade broad head.

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