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Appreciating The Full Hunting Experience



Another great bear season has come and gone and I’m reminded of all the good aspects in the sport of hunting.

It’s not only the thrill of the hunt that endears us to the sport, but also the comradery with our friends and basic appreciation of the outdoors that holds hunting so near and dear to our hearts.

Sometimes I see fellow sportsmen who are so consumed with filling a tag that the quality of the experience hinges upon whether they punch a tag or not.  In my mind they’ve missed the boat.  They are basically cheating themselves out of all the different, wonderful aspects of our sport that many folks never get to experience.

So next time when you’re out there in the wilds, remember to stop and smell the pines, appreciate the beauty of sunset and enjoy time spent with a good friend.  Then when you fill that tag it’s just icing on the cake!


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