How to Avoid Buck Fever when Big Game Hunting

How to Avoid Buck Fever when Big Game Hunting

How to Avoid Buck Fever when Big Game Hunting



Buck fever can happen to any hunter while hunting any type of big game.

Whether you are in Alaska, out west or in Africa buck fever can strike at any time.  So today I’d like to take a stab at helping you avoid this all to common occurrence.  Next time you have that big whitetail, Idaho Elk Hunts or lumbering grizzly bear in your sights, hopefully these hints will help you stave off disaster!

1.  Visualize and attack!  In the early stages of a hunt it has always payed off for me to imagine myself taking that successful shot.  Just take a moment to sit back and see that big buck in your sights and him dropping like a rock when you pull the trigger.  Believe it or not its kind of like you are formulating a plan to be successful and we all know the chances of anything you do coming off without a hitch are better if you have a plan.   I coin this being mentally prepared.

2.  If you do reach that pivotal moment, where that giant cape buffalo is staring you down or that monster black bear has finally given you a shot at the vitals and you’re still shaking uncontrollably, stop for a moment.  Take a deep breath and try to remember something you’ve had a lot of success at.  If you’re a contractor, think of a home you built to perfection or if you’re a surgeon, think of perfect procedure you performed.  The whole idea is to boost your confidence.  If I can build a house, I can surely shoot this wolf right?  One that works for me is to think back to a successful hunt.  I think of myself lowering the boom on a monster brown bear and I realize that if I can make that shot, I can make any shot!

Anyway I hope this helps in your next moment of truth, when that trophy of a lifetime steps out in front of you, take that shot with confidence!


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