Idaho Outfitters Larry and Miles

Idaho Outfitters Larry and Miles

Meet Your Guides

I’m Larry Hatter, Outfitter and outdoor author.


Of the many paths that I’ve come to in my life, I have been truly blessed to follow the ones that have led me through mountains, crossed oceans and traversed the beautiful high desert plains of this incredible world of ours!


As with many of us, my life has written it’s own story, I just had to hang on and see where it took me.

I’ve been fortunate enough to lead a life in the outdoors, seen some of the most spectacular unbroken country the world has to offer and made some of the truest friends any man could hope to find.

I thoroughly enjoy helping people get to those far off places that have made such an impression on myself.

Our goal is quite simple:

Sharing the same love of adventure with hunters and fisherman, has meant so much to both Miles and I,  over the years.  We’ve been blessed to see some of the best that God has put on this earth and are glad to share it., Hunting[/caption]

We are pleased to offer private ranch hunts for whitetail and mule deer.

Our mountain lion area is one of the largest in Idaho and stretches out over some 250 square miles of rugged Idaho country….

….and the hunting for color phase black bear here in Idaho is WORLD CLASS!

I grew up in Central Idaho and have been involved in the family outfitting business basically since I could walk.


Growing up in the outfitting business has provided a unique perspective and it’s a pleasure to watch the original family business making strides.


I am the Outfitter/Ranch Manager at, family owned, Tamarack Mountain Ranch and designated agent for Miles High Outfitters – Idaho, an extension of our original family outfitting business started 25 years ago.

I may be a little older now, but I still enjoy working hand in hand with my brother, a bright young outfitter.  Together, we have the willingness to go the extra mile to make clients happy.

Grangeville Idaho  will always be home and we are proud to offer several high success hunts in Idaho for the sportsman looking to experience hunting in the west.  Each of these hunts will be conducted either from comfortable mountain camps nestled in the lodge pole pines or from our rustic North Star Lodge which sports all the modern amenities,  including wireless internet.  Of course breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided and if you need something else,  just ask.  We’re gonna strive to see that you have the very best hunt possible!

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