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Whitetail Deer Antler Sheds Help Trophy Buck Hunting Successes



Don’t be disparaged when the hunting season closes and rifles are put away.

A good way for the average hunter to fill his thirst for the outdoors is to take advantage of the shed hunting opportunities he has at his disposal.

 This accomplishes two things, you may end up with a nice set of trophy whitetail sheds above your fireplace and it also can be a good scouting tactic for next season.  I know when I shed hunt in the western states I pay close attention to where I pick up each shed.

Usually it will be in one of three places.  A late season feeding area,  a secluded spot where a big buck feels comfortable or a travel route in between.  Make sure you store in your memory that tight thicket where you found a big set of sheds.  Most big bucks only have a handful of hiding places that they trust and where he left his sheds may just have left you an important clue on where you can find that wall hanger next fall.


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