Wolf Hunting in Idaho

Wolf Hunting in Idaho

Wolf Hunting in Idaho



Idaho Predator Hunts for the Canadian Grey Wolf is a relatively new concept to this generation.

A century ago complete eradication was the objective, but today with a successful introduction and firm liberal/conservation minded approach to our wild lands, I doubt that will ever be the case again.  Personally, I’m somewhere in the middle when it comes to Idaho Predator Hunts for the Canadian Grey Wolf.  I think as long as we’re given the tools to manage them correctly, the wolf, the ungulates and ourselves can coexist in this new era.

I’ve been asked, what’s one good thing about a wolf?   My answer is quick and simple, wolves are hellish fun to hunt!  Idaho Predator Hunts for the Canadian Grey Wolf in Idaho is unlike any other type of hunting you can do in the lower 48.  You’re hunting a top predator with an extremely high intellect and I don’t care how many years you’ve hunted, when you’re in the dark timber and the pack is howling around you at a fever pitch, the hair on the back of your neck with stand on end!

Now, it takes time to become a successful wolf hunter.  Not doubt, you can blunder into one and get lucky, but to bring home the bacon or wolf skin as it may be, repeatedly, you’ll need years of practice.  A combination of spotting, calling and a solid feel for habitual travel routes will all come into play.  Plus you’ll need a really flat shooting rifle!

I can’t think of a better trophy than a big, old alpha male with a scarred face and intemperate disposition.  In fact I’m thoroughly looking forward to getting after one this fall.  On that note I think I’ll go see how my 300 wsm is shooting……


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